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About Our School

Propel Braddock Hills High School strives to create a community where scholars are prepared to become active and engaged citizens through authentic and compelling learning experiences. College and career exploration, along with character building, are activities our scholars are engaged in on a daily basis. We are dedicated to social justice and creating a positive change in the education landscape of Pittsburgh and beyond. Our school values student voice and looks to build student leaders through a number of initiatives that not only reflect the world that our scholars see but expand their perspectives on both academic and social issues.

Propel Braddock Hills High School is committed to sustaining a culture where every individual has an authentic voice and thrives, seeing our scholars make significant, solid academic gains through high-quality instruction and engagement strategies that educators and staff continually refine and improve, and building partnerships and fostering advocacy and outreach to our community locally and globally. 

As important as high academic standards for our scholars are, Propel Braddock Hills High School’s focus is also on those attributes that will ensure the development of young adults who are academically and intellectually proficient, prepared for college, active democratic citizens, lifelong learners, and enjoy successful and fulfilling adult lives. The social curriculum begins in CREW, which provides scholars with a foundation for skills needed after high school as well as a chance to explore post-secondary school plans. We encourage families to support the development of these skills and habits in their children by using the same language at home as is used at school.