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PPAA Scholars Shine at Music Competition
Propel Schools

Congratulations to our talented vocalists and dedicated educators from Propel Performing Arts Academy High School and Middle School Choirs! This past weekend in Hershey, PA, the PPAA High School team, helmed by Alice Lee, showcased their remarkable

Nian Eyth was recognized as the Best High School Vocalist

Nian Eyth was recognized as the Best High School Vocalist

talent in the Show Choir division at the Music in Parks (MIP) competition. Their stellar performance earned them 1st place with a Superior rating—the highest accolade achievable in the competition. Adding to the accolades, Nian Eyth was recognized as the Best High School Vocalist, a testament to his exceptional abilities and hard work.

The Middle School Choir, under the guidance of Zack George, also made their mark by competing for the first time at Kennywood. They achieved an Excellent rating, which is an impressive feat for their debut performance! This shows great promise for the future of PPAA and highlights the budding talent within our schools.

As we celebrate these wonderful achievements, let's also look forward to the upcoming competition where the Middle School PPAA team will take the stage in Hershey, PA, on May 24. This is just the beginning of a journey filled with more exciting performances and achievements. Congratulations to all the Scholars and educators, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from PPAA. Let's continue to support and cheer on our young performers as they make us proud with their dedication and hard work!

PPAA High School choir

PPAA High School Choir



PPAA middle school team

PPAA Middle School Choir


Propel Braddock Hills Scholar Wins Statewide Poster Contes
Allegra Battle Williams

This fall, our talented scholar Akhiya from Propel Braddock Hills Elementary School will see her artwork transformed into a vibrant poster, reaching thousands of students across Pennsylvania. Winning first place in the elementary school category for the annual poster competition hosted by the Highmark Caring Place, the 5th-grade scholar was recently honored for her exceptional artistic talent at the school on April 24.

The contest challenged participants to design a poster answering the question: “How can you help a grieving friend?” Akhiya’s illustration perfectly aligns with one of the Propel Schools' five Habits: Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated, which promotes courtesy and empathy.

Akhiya's winning artwork

During a special presentation, Caring Place representative Eric Lewis commended Akhiya, expressing how deeply her artwork resonated with him and his colleagues. He praised Akhiya, saying, “Your work truly touched our hearts. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.”

In recognition of her achievement, Akhiya was presented with some fantastic goodies and a gift card, which brought a radiant smile to her face. When her school counselor informed her about the contest results, she initially thought it was a joke.

“I said, ‘Ms. Purdue, why are you playing around,’” Akhiya stated.

Ms. Purdue was not surprised, she said Akhiya “has tremendous artistic abilities, she is often sketching or doodling in her free time. I am excited for the amazing things she will accomplish in her future.”

Akhiya remains uncertain about her future career path, but one thing she is sure of is that art will play a significant role in her life.

She is extremely empathetic and cares greatly for her peers’ social and emotional wellbeing,” added Ms. Purdue. She advocates for her friends when they are unable to do it for themselves and encourages them to seek the help of adults in our school community.

Akhiya’s success is a testament to her creativity, compassion, and dedication.